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Components of Visual Studio Designer and most of its features can be controlled in the 'Solution explorer' by selecting the list of items starting with 'Design' from the 'View' menu. The Solution Explorer is located on the left edge of Visual Studio. The visual representation of the top 'Gantt' pane will change depending on the type of item the user clicks.

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Visual Studio supports either MSBuild or MSBuild 15.4+. Configurations of MSBuild will be listed when Visual Studio.NET tool is opened. To learn how to change the MSBuild configuration, open '...\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\MSBuild.exe' file in a command prompt.

DevExpress controls are.NET components that allow developers to use XAML to create Microsoft Windows applications, ASP.NET web sites and HTML5 web pages. DevExpress is a leading developer of dynamic XAML, WPF and.NET developer tools and applications. DevExpress also provides a collection of XAML controls that are used by Visual Studio. The components include the following controls:

To see the documentation for a control, navigate to the control's doc page. All documentation including an overview of controls, their properties, and an example of how to use a control is on the 'Gantt Chart' control's doc page, accessed by clicking the 'Gantt Chart' button in the control's Property Pages window. To view the documentation for a control, go to the control's doc page, and either click 'Show Docs' or select 'Show in Linked Documents'. To show the documentation of a control in Visual Studio, go to the control's properties on the Forms Designer surface, and either select 'Show Docs' or select 'Show in Linked Documents'. Documentation

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