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Taboo IIIIIIIV 19791985

the title, secrets of ufo's, is perhaps misleading, although the documentary does contain footage of unexplained craft and anomalous events. the title refers mainly to the fact that those who believe there are real aliens present a problem for science, collins argues.

Taboo IIIIIIIV 19791985

they're a taboo for science because they're not in our simulations. there are two possibilities to it - are they from another civilization, and did they contact us in the past, or is it something that goes way back in time. if the aliens that contact us are something that we have no knowledge of and have no evidence, then the discovery would be huge, he said.

one year after slap shot was released, the nhl was rocked by the rampant rumors of a gambling scandal and it was clear that the league had no problem at all fighting dirty to keep its franchise revenue flowing. in the eighties, the nhl was operating under the umbrella of the u.s. treasury department for tax purposes, but with the eighties came loosening of federal restrictions on lottery sales, and nhl officials started realizing the potential legal profit that could be had by selling the lotteries to gamblers. this led to the nhl looking to expand its fan base by partnering with a gambling commission, complete with a slick tv ad campaign to promote the point-spread games.

taboo iiiiiiiv was certainly conservative by the standards of the day, but not exactly backward. for example, the film is one of only a handful of films to feature a "teenage mutant leela" character, a.k.a. leela sexbot, at least briefly. she appears as a humanoid with animal eyes and frequently clad in a tattered blouse and cut off jeans. she does one of the very few bathes in the film, later risking a wet t-shirt contest.

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