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Matrix Screensaver Xp LINK

I wanted to pretend to be in the matrix, googled "matrix screen saver". Followed the instructions and boom, I was done. I was little skeptical at first as I was reading a few comments that mentioned they were unsuccessful and faced some wrong turns. I am not a computer expert, but this has to be the easiest setup ever. I also have a couple of malware and virus protection software and did not detect any foul play.

Matrix Screensaver Xp

Download File:

Great! Works as intended! Downloaded to my Downloads folder at first, and then the Readme says to just place it in the windows directory. So I did, went to my screensaver settings, and it pops up right in the dropdown menu! The options are perfectly simple to mess with, and it looks legit! Matches my faux matrix rain idle colors on my SteelSeries keyboard. Thanks for the simple, and easy/user-friendly work!

Terrible, you have to hack the matrix to get it to work. Needles to say it does not work unless you do several things to your files, and if you can follow the steps provided that are entirely inaccurate and unhelpful. You can't just download and select in settings. An install sequence of a path of installation would be greatly beneficial.

I'm running a 38 inch curve at 4k resolution and this looks so damn good and the fact that there are settings for this screensaver makes this much more than just a plain screensaver. Easy to copy into the windows system32 folder and works like charm! Thank you

Something is "weird" with it, as after installation and tweaking to get it as i wanted it, all seemed fine. Though after reboot it's gone, the file itself is gone (except the downloadzip that i saved elsewhere) and the screensavers are off (got a different set than i had before, and no the matrix one isn't one of them, it seems like the old standard ones, though I deleted the windows ones which now have returned and ones that i could use before have disappeared).

I Really Like This Screen Saver It looks Really Cool & its Hard to Find a Good Screen Saver That Works Good With my monitor set up as i Run a 3+1 Monitors a 5760X1080 in nvidia surround for all my flight & Race Sims & a 1440p@144Hz For Every Thing Else all are 27' Panels & Like i said its a pain to find a good one that works & looks as good as this one and it Even let me add in the text The Matrix Has You or Follow The White Rabbit &again it looks really cool ..but then again im a bit of a matrix! I Just Want to say a Big Thank You to Who Ever Worked on this i think ya did a Great Job & Thanks Again !

This Matrix screensaver is only 90k and runs efficiently. It has a good selection of settings. I copied the matrix.scr file to my C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder and it runs fine in Windows 10 64-bit. Multiple monitors are supported. This is a good choice.

This is an awesome screensaver. It's free, has support for multiple monitors and has a wide range of settings to change, including text color and font. I recommend this screensaver for those looking for a good matrix screensaver that has multi monitor support. Thumbs up from me!

(Formerly known as The Matrix Revolutions 3D Screen Saver)(Formerly known as The Matrix Reloaded 3D Screen Saver)Version 3.4 - 07/11/2004ByRobert BennettPlease note: NEVER link directly to the files listed below, always link to this page. These files will move due to bandwidth restrictions, but this page will always have the latest links.Click here to download!When you get the Donor Version not only will it remove all the annoying logos, you'll also be able to display your own pictures (JPG, GIF and BMP files) instead of just the ones that come with the screensaver!Click here to get it now!Settings To get to the settings screen go to Display options in Control Panel andin the Screen Saver section click on Settings. This brings up the UC3D settings screen where you can set the countdown and display settings. To get to the settings for this screen saver select it in the Installed Modules list and click the button..

Show Clock: If this is on the current time will be displayed in the middle of the screen.12 Hour Mode: For those of you who can't work out what time 17:23 is,you can now switch this on and get the time displayed in 12 hour mode.Clock Size: Lets you set how big the clock is on screen. Glyph Size: Sets the size of the characters in the Matrix code. Smaller glyphs can make the pictures look better, but may slow things down. Smaller glyphs need higher line density to get the full effect which can slow things down, larger glyphs don't need such a high line density. Line Density: Sets how many lines of data are on the screen at a time. Higher density can slow things down but it can make the pictures look better (depending on the glyph size). 2D Mode: Displays the code in the traditional 2D way. 3D Mode: Displays the code in juicey 3D! 2D Shaded Lines: (2D Mode only) With this turned on the lines in2D mode will be different shades, not all the same. Mouse Controlled Rotation: (3D Mode only) Turn this on and you'll be able to rotate the falling Matrix code using the mouse. Move the mouse around to rotate the code, click with the right mouse button to stop the rotation, click with the left mouse button to reset the rotation back to normal, and use the mouse wheel to spin the code around the centre of the screen. After the mouse hasn't moved for 20 seconds the screensaver will reset to normal movement. Pictures do not display while you are moving the mouse. Press any key to close the screensaver. Use Desktop As Background: With this turned on, the code will be displayed in front of your current Windows screen! 3D Code Rotations: (3D Mode only) With this enabled the angle of the code will randomly rotate around. (Like in the Matrix Reloaded trailer) Display Pictures: With this turned on the code will occasionally form pictures from the movie The Matrix Reloaded. 3D Picture Mode: (3D Mode only) If enabled the code will be contured around the pictures in 3D. So the pictures are "lumpy". This looks better on some pictures than others, so by default it is turned off. But it's still worth a try to see if you like the effect. Non-Colour Pics: With this turned on the pictures will display just in shadesof the code colour (by default it will be shades of green), not the pictures actual colours. Picture Captions: Use this to turn picture captions on and off. Only Show Pictures From: This lets you choose what movie you want to see pictures from.You can choose Revolutions, Reloaded or All 3 Movies. If All 3 is selected it will show random picturesfrom both, with a few pictures from the original Matrix movie thrown in aswell. Picture Scale: If you find that the picture is too big when displayed in the code you can change the scale of the picture to make it smaller/larger. Picture Delay: Slide this around to set a shorter or longer delay between displaying pictures. Sideways Movement: The code moves side to side as it falls. Move Forward/Back: (3D Mode only) The camera slowly moves backwards or forwards through the code as it falls if this is turned on. Random Forward/Back Movement: (3D Mode only) If Move Forward/Back is enabled thiswill make the camera randomly move forward or backwards through the code and different speeds. Forward/Back Speed: (3D Mode only) If Move Forward/Back is enabled this sets whether the code moves forwards or backwards and how fast it moves. IfRandom Forward/Back Movement is enable this has no effect. Fall Speed: Controls how fast the lines of code fall down the screen. Normal Colour: Click on the coloured box to set the colour of the normal falling code. Highlight Colour: Click on the coloured box to set the colour of the highlighted character that leads the falling code. Background Colour: Click on the coloured box to set the background colour.(Since the screensaver was designed to have a black background black will always look best) Reset Default Colours: This resets the colour options to the default green colours. Sound: Here you can select what kind of sound you want, if any. The options are No Sound,Sound FX which will play that code sizzling noise all around the place, and Music which plays Matrixy background music.Please Note: You need DirectX8+ for sound to work. You can get it from if youget a message at the start about sound not initializing, this is probably the reason. Restore Default Settings: Click this to reset all the screensaver settings to what they were when you installed it. Show My Pictures: (UC3D/Donor Version only) Turn this on and the screensaver will showyour JPG, GIF and BMP files in the code. Only Show My Pictures: (UC3D/Donor Version only) With this turned on only your JPG, GIF,and BMP pictures will be shown. With it turned off they'll be shown randomly mixed in with the Matrixpictures built in to the screensaver. Use Filenames As Captions: (UC3D/Donor Version only) Enable this and the filename of theJPG, GIF or BMP file being shown will come up as a caption, just like how it says "Neo" under one of thebuilt in pictures of Neo. So if you have a picture of your Uncle Fred chowing down on some cheddar andwant the caption to read "Uncle Fred Eating Cheese" you simply rename the picture file to"Uncle Fred Eating Cheese.jpg" (without the quote marks). My Picture Directory: (UC3D/Donor Version only) This is where you set the directory you wantthe screensaver to load your pictures from. The screensaver loads JPG, GIF and BMP files and you can haveas many of these types of files in the directory as you like. Click on the button, browse to the directoryyou've put your pictures in and click ok. Easy as that. Note on picture files: If you havereally big picture files it can slow the screensaver down while they get loaded. All picture files are scaledto a max width or height of 300 pixels. So there's really no need putting bigger pics than that in, but it's up to you. 041b061a72

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